Araya works at the intersection of neuroscience and AI, using biology to inspire novel AI algorithms, and AI to improve our understanding of the human brain. Researchers within Araya work on furthering development in these areas, doing fundamental research, collaborating both internally and externally, and publishing at international venues.

Researcher (Program Synthesis)


In this role you will work on making fundamental advances in the field of program synthesis.

Job Description

Research and develop novel AI algorithms in the field of program synthesis
Report research clearly both internally and externally, verbally, and in writing
Work with internal and external collaborators in neuroscience and AI

Required Skills and Experience

Degree in a quantitative subject area (computer science, neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, etc.)
Theoretical and practical knowledge of programming languages, symbolic AI, search, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and/or natural language processing
Python programming (NumPy, PyTorch/Tensorflow)
English proficiency (able to read and write research papers in English)

Welcome Skills and Experience

PhD in a quantitative subject area, or equivalent practical experience
Knowledge of/interest in theoretical neuroscience
Journal/conference/workshop publications


Salary will be determined based on previous experience.
Monthly salary: ¥380,000-500,000 (including 20 hours of deemed overtime)
Annual salary: ¥4,500,000-6,000,000 (overtime paid separately)
Relocation bonus: ¥500,000

Employment Status

Full-time research assistant / postdoctoral research assistant 1 year (subject to renewal)

Work location

Head Office (Ark Mori Building 24F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)


Please apply via email to with your resume + cover letter.