Speaker Announcement: Brain Tech Talk Vol.6 12/14 (Wed) 19:00~


Brain Tech Talk is hosted by Brain Tech Consortium (BTC), which was established for the industrialization of Brain Tech and the creation of its ecosystem by fusing brain science and technology. BMI brain scientist Naotaka Fujii (Hakosco, Inc.), young neuroscience researcher Daichi Konno (University of Tokyo), and Hamada will review and discuss the Neuralink presentation held on December 1, Japan time. Please join us!

Brain Tech Talk Vol.6

Date: 12/14(Wed) 19:00 – 20:30
Format: Online
Participation fee: General ¥1,000
      Free for BTC members

Registration: Please apply from this page.

Organizer: BrainTech Consortium

Contact: If you have questions about BTC, please contact us here.