The direction of our research at Araya

The question of how consciousness arises from the brain is still a mystery to modern science. At Araya, we address questions such as what kind of biological functions consciousness served in the process of evolution, and what could make artificial systems conscious? We aim to develop the next generation of AI technology by reinterpreting the results of consciousness research in neuroscience, information theory, and other fields.

The topics of our research include

  • Information theoretic study of consciousness (integrated information theory, information generation theory, information closure theory, etc.)
  • AI implementation of putative functions of consciousness
  • Global workspace implementation
  • Deep reinforcement learning and intrinsic motivation
  • Information theory of agents (free energy principle, etc.)
  • Comparison of curiosity in the brain and machines
  • Meta-representation and meta-learning in the brain and machines
  • Goal-based (multi-)agent control
  • AI techniques for brain-machine interfaces
  • Developing technology for brain to brain communications

At Araya we continuously look to translate the findings of these studies into practical applications. We have applied reinforcement learning and imitation learning to the automation of construction machinery and game play. Our research using information theory has led to new ways of analysing data for clients. In the context of product development, our experience and knowledge in brain research has been applied to experimental design and data analysis.

Examples of our applied research include

  • Automation of construction machinery and gameplay using reinforcement learning and imitation learning
  • Providing new data analysis methods based on integrated information theory
  • Development of autonomous drones with world models
  • Development of curious indoor mobile robots
  • Consulting and analysis of brain science experiments
  • Building automated analysis pipelines for brain data

By connecting our cutting-edge knowledge and technology in fundamental research with practical applications, Araya continues to expand its business horizons.