【SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT】” Initiatives and Future Prospects of Neurotech Business in Araya: Araya Inc.” by the Academy for Applied Neuroscience ( February 17, 2023 )

The Academy for Applied Neuroscience will host a seminar on “Initiatives and Future Prospects of Neurotech Business in Araya: Araya Inc.” on February 17th. Three researchers from Araya will give lectures.

Three lecturers involved in Araya’s Neurotech business will give an overview of the Neurotech business, the research and development that supports the business, and its future prospects. First, they will introduce the services and products currently offered by Araya’s Neurotech business. In parallel with this, he will share information on the current status of the development of a next-generation Brain-Computer Interface using various brain-sensing technologies, which is being developed from a mid-to-long-term perspective. The company is also promoting the development of diagnostic imaging technology for neuropsychiatric disorders that combines AI and neuroscience and will present newly developed diagnostic methods, recommendation algorithms using artificial neural circuits, and research on the correspondence between artificial neural circuits and brain circuits. The presentation will also provide an overview of the problems involved in acquiring and aggregating data to scale the neurotech market and how to solve these problems. Although the acquisition and utilization of large amounts of data are essential to improve the quality of neurotech services and products, there is the problem of privacy, which makes it difficult to collect data. This session will look at three technologies to solve this problem: neuro twin, which mimics brain activity; distributed data infrastructure, where individuals are in charge of data management; and federated learning, where privacy is taken into account and learning is conducted at the edge. (From the Consortium for Applied Neuroscience website. )

2023/2/17(Fri) 13:00 – 16:00

*This seminar is open only to members of the Consortium for Applied Neuroscience

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